The Soft Classic compared to other IDs

Sometimes it’s hard to identify Soft Classics. Their balanced shapes can easily be seen as more blunt or lush than they actually are. To help differentiate between this ID and other I have compared the SC to some other IDs she is easily confused with.

The Theatrical Classic compared to other IDs

An ID that not many people are all too familiar with. Which makes it even more important to compare her to some of the other IDs! The Theatrical Classic has a small, sharp undercurrent, which is common in quite a lot of Other IDs . If you are stuck in between TC and another type, this article might help!

The Flamboyant Gamine compared to other IDs

I think the Flamboyant Gamine is one of the most recognizable IDs. They have a really high energy but strong image that non of the other ‘smaller’ IDs have. But you might still be doubting whether you are an FG or something else. Here are the types that can be confused with this ID and what makes them different from her!

The Gamine compared to other IDs

The Gamine is a light and airy ID, and is related to some other IDs that have this airy quality. These IDs are easy to confuse with each other. To help you find your ID I have compared the Gamine to some other IDs and explained what makes them different!

The Soft Gamine compared to other IDs

The Soft Gamine is an ID that can be very easily confused with a lot of her Extravagant Sisters. The mix of Blunt + Lush is something that is apparent in a lot of other IDs. Are you stuck between SG and another ID? Hopefully this article will give you some answers!

The Romantic compared to other IDs

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out your type. Plenty of people are really stuck between two or maybe even three. Here are some pairs that might bring confusion in deciding if you are a Romantic type or something else and what sets them apart.

Staples & Statements, the Blossom way of building a wardrobe

Analysing your body is a lot of fun but the point of any styling system is to create a closet that works for you. This method is easy and effortless and works for anyone! This concept is based on staples, these make up the majority of your wardrobe. With some extra fun sprinkled in, In the way of statements. So, you can dress up, dress down and use different pieces for different outfits and occasions!

The Flamboyant Family

The Flamboyant Family have an air of: strength, wildness, boldness and/or sophistication

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