An explanation of the Shapes

This DOES NOT mean you are like this. For example, there are plenty of Sharp women who are extremely sweet but have an appearance that is the opposite of that. 

Bringing the inside together with the outside is why this system is made, but it’s good to know what your natural lines are saying.


Lushness is defined by large circular shapes, big circles or full ovals. Lushness is very shapely and sensuous but also a shape that brings an idea of warmth to people. Round shapes make us feel safe and comfortable. They give off a motherly energy. If you have plenty of Lushness people probably see you as a kind and friendly person, just from the shape of your body.


Sharp women have a body that’s mainly made up of square, triangular and trapezoid shapes with sharp edges. Sharpness is easily seen as an edgy, mysterious and cold aspect. Sharpness creates an image of being unreachable and gives an air of sophistication. If you have a lot of Sharpness, people might be a little intimidated by you before getting to know you.


Delicate shapes are small, narrow and rounded, but they aren’t as full as the Lush shapes. Delicacy is seen as an aspect that is very airy almost frail looking. People might say you look like a fairy or another mythological creature, just because you look so light. It’s also something that is associated with youth, people might think you are way younger than you are. But the downside of that is they might also think you are not as experienced or knowledgeable as you actually are.


Blunt shapes are square and rectangular, but they don’t have the sharp corners of Sharp Shapes. Blunt shapes are geometric in nature but have rounded corners. Bluntness is a very warm but strong aspect, they have an open look. People also often think they look athletic or strong. Blunt women really look like friendly, down-to-earth type of people. If you have apparent blunt shapes people often feel safe in talking with you, even if they don’t know you.


Balance is often hard to detect. It could be mistaken for any other aspect. Balance is best described as ovals, not quite round but not quite geometric. If you have trouble saying you have a certain aspect, you probably are more Balanced.  People generally associate Balance with elegance and poise. Quiet but charming and maybe a little cold. 

These last two shapes are more about the perceived length of your shapes.



Petiteness purely means you look short. This is accomplished by having shapes in your body that are more compact, having short limbs and a larger head. It doesn’t have much to do with your actual height, but very tall people will almost never look Compact.



The complete opposite of Petiteness. You will look quite tall, because of elongated shapes in your body, having long limbs and a small head. This also has very little to do with actual length, and quite short girls can look Vertical.

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