The Classic

January Jones

Zhang Ziyi and Jennifer Connelly

The Classic is an even and balanced woman.

Their dominant aspects is: Balance.

They have a moderate physical presence.

The Classic is extremely even and balanced. She is simply best described as a Classic Beauty…

The Cs body is made up ovals.

The face of the Classic is made up of the same shapes. They have even, oval faces with balanced features. Their faces have a slightly rounded and moderate feel. They can have some other influences, like a hint of blunt, sharp or lush shapes.

Classic best lines:  Technically the Classic doesn’t have any obvious, stand out aspects, but in practice the classic can get away with borrowing some flowyness from the Soft Classic and some sharpness from the Dramatic Classic. Lines should be very clean even if they go softer or more severe. The most important thing is to not have any detail that disturb a smooth silhouette.