Colour & Essence

Now that you have an idea what looks good with your physical traits we can take a look at what colours fit your Essence! Below the Essence are 8 example colours to give you an idea of what colours are a good fit for that Essence but this doesn’t mean these are the only colours that are suitable for you if you have that particular Essence! 

Chic Essence

Chic women can go quite intense with their colour combinations, black and white with red details is something that will match even the softest and lightest of the chic women. Stark colours are a must for them.

Rebellious Essence

The most worn colour of the rebels will be black. It just fits their natural edge perfectly! Loud neons are also great on them! Rebels don’t use their harmonious colours often or at all. Harmony is not something they feel attracted to.

Luxurious Essence

Luxurious women can wear really any colour; purples, blue’s, yellows, pinks. They do well in colourful and bold outfits. The colours do need a deep and rich quality to them. Jewel tones are perfect! 

Seductive Essence

Smokey and sultry with splashes of reds and pinks. Seductive women always have a bit of distance to them, and muted colours with romantic accent colours are beautiful on them. And black is also a great staple for this Essence!

Expressive Essence

The Expressive woman looks totally herself in loud prints and interesting colour combinations, yellow and purple or green and pink. They can go quite dark and moody, but they always need some fresh, brightness in their outfit to lift them up! 

Bohemian Essence

Bohemians feel most comfortable in a relatively neutral closet, loads of whites, beiges and greys with some subtle pops of colour. For the colourful part of the closet it’s good to go with earthy and nature inspired colours, if it gets too bright it looks unnatural on a Bohemian.

Effortless Essence

Even though effortless women love an easy wardrobe, this doesn’t mean they don’t like colour! Muted and deeper colours are perfect for them. Denim blues, dark sages, muted burgundies with some pops of brighter colours. 

Refined Essence

Women with a refined essence are best to keep their colour palette’s neutral. Black or navy and white is perfect for them! Do be careful with overusing statement colours, it can get too much quite easily.

Graceful Essence

Graceful women can wear really any colour, from pale pink to deep blue. The colours do need a feminine touch, a muted quality or some other softness. Pinks and red tones are espacially great for the Graceful woman.

Enchanting Essence

The main pointers for the Enchanting woman is to keep it light, bright and girly. Baby pinks and blue’s, lilacs, gold leaning beiges, these are colours that work great for the Enchanting Essence! Going too moody or muted can be a little stifling on her.

Celestial Essence

The most important thing for the Celestial woman is low contrast. If you have a fair skin tone, stick to lighter colours, if you have a deeper skin tone, stick to darker colours. Make sure the colours you wear have a misty quality to them, muted and soft.

Lively Essence

Stark contrast with happy colours is the best suggestion I can give. A clean black base with green accents or a red base with white accesories looks great on them. Also look for patterns with this bright contrast. 

Youthful Essence

Pink is always a good choice for Youthful women. Bright colours with softness is perfect for them. Keeping outfits colourful but not too bright.