Creating a Mood Board

Make a mood board!

Fashion and personal style is a very visual form of art, so creating a visual guide just makes sense to me! 


How to get started

If you’ve been following this guide, you already have a Style Motto (which I really don’t recommend skipping), which is good to use as your theme for the mood board. 

You can create a mood board on Pinterest, some form of collage app on your phone or a more professional editor like InDesign or Photoshop. You can also go for the traditional route and buy a few magazines and cardboard paper to create a paper mood board. This can be a very fun craft project!

It’s also good to get a general colour scheme in your head, it doesn’t have to be very set, but it’s handy to keep in mind whether you want to use soft and muted colours, deep and rich colours or bright and bold colours.


Collecting images

When you have a theme and a general colour scheme it’s time to hoard pictures.

Don’t feel pressured to only add fashion and clothing themed photo’s to your collection, you can also add nature photographs that fit your theme, or paintings, patterns, movie scenes or anything else you can think of! Don’t be picky yet, collect everything that you think might fit. 


Curating your mood board

Now it is time to be picky! You have a pretty large collection of images at this point, you can choose the ones that best communicate how you want your personal style to be. If you think a picture doesn’t really do that, skip it. 

If you use Pinterest to create a mood board, it’s handy to have an inspiration board for all the pictures you collect and a more curated ‘official’ mood board.

Another thing I would recommend is to make the most important pictures, that you feel are visualizing your personal style best, bigger than the others. 

Below I have a few examples of layouts for your mood boards, to give you some inspiration.

There is really no minimum or maximum amount of pictures you can use, but I think it’s best to keep it between 5 and 20. Fewer pictures will not really express the mood accurately and more will make the mood board a little messy.

For the rest, there really aren’t any rules, go wild and have fun!



Good example on how to incorporate a Style Motto within the mood board Source