Delicate Dramatic

The Delicate Dramatic

Eva Green

Elle Fanning and Aja Naomi King

The Delicate Dramatic is long but narrow and delicate looking. They don’t have the strength of their sister, the Dramatic, but they do have the same statuesque silhouette. 

Their dominant aspects are: Vertical + Delicate

They have a moderate to large physical presence.

The Delicate Dramatic is dainty and willowy, despite her beautiful long legs and statuesque line. They have a slight supernatural beauty.

The DDs body is made up of long, narrow but rounded shapes. Small circles or long ovals make up the silhouette of the Delicate Dramatic.

The face of Delicate Dramatics is also made up of small rounded shapes, slightly full or rosebud lips, small or elongated eyes and slightly angular facial bones with soft cheeks. Vertical yang can also be apparent, in longer noses, narrow set eyes and oblong face shapes.

Delicate Dramatics best lines:  Soft and lightweight fabrics in a narrow fit do great on the Delicate Dramatic woman. Detailing must be small and rounded to mirror the delicate yin, but clean and minimal to not create vertical line breaks. Keep lines long by wearing similar colours in similar fabrics, to emphasize a long line.

It’s important to keep everything light on the Delicate Dramatic. She has a small figure and can get drowned easily by fabrics that are too heavy or items that are too large. If there is a more severe piece she wants to wear the best thing is to combine it with lighter items to keep the balance.