Delicate Romantic

The Delicate Romantic

Alexis Bedel

AnnaSophia Robb and  Kathryn Bernardo

The Delicate Romantic is a small and softly rounded woman.

Their dominant aspects is: Delicacy

They have a very small physical presence.

The Delicate Romantic is one of the smallest IDs there is. She is small and delicate with no inherent strength or boldness. They resemble fairies with their light image.

The DRs body is made up only of small, rounded shapes. They can have some sharpness, but it’s very slight and small, mostly expressed in her bone structure.

The face of the Delicate Romantic is also small and rounded. Generally speaking they have a rounded face with small and balanced noses, eyes and lips.

Delicate Romantic best lines: Delicate Romantics get drowned out quite easily, it’s important they keep their fabrics light, and silhouette’s narrow. They look beautiful in outfits with a soft flow, and fabrics that hang softly around the body. Details are great on the DR, but they must be small and subdued. The big poofs and ruffles of the pure Romantic can be a bit much on her. Soft, small, elegance is a good way to describe her best looks.