Dramatic Classic

The Dramatic Classic

Lupita Nyong’o

Rose Byrn and Kristine Hermosa

The Dramatic Classic is an even and balanced woman with slight elongation and sharpness.

Their dominant aspects are: Balance + Vertical + a little Sharpness

They have a moderate to large physical presence.

The Dramatic Classic is an even and balanced woman but with an interesting edge. Her sharpness, no matter how slight, gives her something extra.

The Dramatic Classic body is made up ovals and few sharp geometric shapes.

The face of the Dramatic Classic is made up of the same shapes. They have even, oval faces with balanced features with some sharp yang coming through. Maybe in a stronger jawline, high cheekbones, thinner lips or narrow, smaller eyes. But the added yang is VERY slight.

Dramatic Classic best lines:  The Dramatic Classic has a strong need for sleek, clean silhouettes. She can change the shape, fabric weight and style as long as the sleek,  elongated image is maintained. Small, crisp detail disturbs her lines, when going for detail, keep it more even and vertical.