The Dramatic

Young Anjelica Hudson with her father

Cate Blanchett and Lena Heady  

The Dramatic is a statuesque looking woman.

Their dominant aspects are: Vertical + Sharp 

They have a moderate to large physical presence.

The Dramatic has a sharp and powerful presence. Her beauty is extremely fierce. 

The Dramatic body is made up of long, narrow geometric shapes. Sharp rectangles and triangles. 

The face of Dramatics pulls through the sharpness of the rest of the body. Pointed chins with high cheekbones, almond eyes and thin lips.

Dramatics best lines: Heavy and stiff fabrics, form-fitting and sharp. Detailing and embellishments should be clean, sharp and not too small. It’s best to create one long line with the outfit. Keep line breaks away by wearing similar colour in similar fabrics.

Overly detailed looks (that change the sleek silhouette of the D), extremely lightweight and clingy fabrics will look out of place on the Dramatic woman. They have a strong need for structure and tailoring. A Dramatic can handle some flow and looseness in her silhouette but it must be added unto a narrow silhouette. A completely loose look tends to drown the Dramatic.