Examples from the small screen: Melanie Cavill in Snowpiercer


Competent, Intelligent and very overworked, Melanie Cavill is a character that is very interesting to me. She is a great example of a Sharp woman with an Effortless Essence. Great inspiration for Effortless Dramatics, Dramatic Classics and Theatrical Classics.

Because I am waiting to binge the whole of season 2 in one go, I thought I would get into the styling and essence of this powerful character!

Note: This is NOT about the actress who plays Melanie, this is purely about this character.

We are used to seeing Melanie in her blue Wilford industry work outfit, formal and neat. But this isn’t what makes Melanie shine. It’s too neat, too official and too bright at the same time. If you compare it to the more laid back outfits below, you can see how much more she shines in them.  

Sleek long hair that falls down nonchalantly, narrow looks with little detail. This is what makes this sharp Effortless woman shine. The first look, a simple dark t-shirt, with a dark, narrow denim jacket is perfect for everyday. It’s sleek but not too harsh, a very fine line to walk. 

The party look is also great inspiration for every Effortless woman, no matter their ID. The clean and simple silhouette in one colour keeps the look uncomplicated,  with the glitter giving it a little pop. It’s especially great for sharper ladies.

For any woman who has an Effortless Essence, this is definitely a character to take inspiration from!