Extravagant Natural

The Extravagant Natural

Jill Scott

Christina Hendricks and Ashley Graham

The Extravagant Natural is a statuesque and voluminous woman with a softly blunt undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are: Vertical + Blunt + Lush.

They have a large physical presence.

The Extravagant Natural is a striking looking woman. She is large in her lush image with a beautiful strong undercurrent from her blunt shapes.  

The ENs body is made up of a mix of large and elongated, rectangular shapes with rounded corners and large circles. 

The face of the Extravagant Natural is made up of the same shapes. Softly broad bone structure and face shapes with soft rounded noses and large eyes with full lips. Blunt yang can also be manifested in wide set eyes, wide mouths or broader noses.

Extravagant Naturals best lines:  The Extravagant Natural looks her best in long, flowing, big dresses with large, flowing details. They can pull almost anything off as long as it acknowledges their lush yin by going in at the waist and honouring their long vertical by using similar colours and fabrics. 

Although the EN can handle a lot they have to be careful with sharp and narrow silhouette’s. They can look a bit constricted in those lines. If she does want to wear narrow items she has to pair them with looser items to keep the balance.