Flamboyant Gamine

The Flamboyant Gamine

Kelly Osbourne

Lady Gaga and Jade Eshete

The Flamboyant Gamine is a compact woman with some elongation and a blunt yang undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are:  Bluntness + a mix of Petiteness and Verticality

They have a small to moderate physical presence.

The Flamboyant Gamine has a high energy appearance. She has a mix of compactness with an opposite energy in the bluntness, small vs strong. Her beauty is brash and animated.

The FG is a mix of small and elongated geometric shapes, with blunted edges.

The face of the Flamboyant Gamine also has a mix of small and large shapes. Generally speaking FGs have larger eyes with smaller bone structure, but they can also have more wide bone structure with small eyes and fuller lips. Facial wise, FGs can look quite different from each other.

Flamboyant Gamine’s best lines: The biggest identifier of the Flamboyant Gamine is her compact appearance. To make this aspect stand out, and not drown herself in fabric, the FG is best to have vertical line breaks in her outfit. This can be accomplished by mixing different colours, textures or add details that break up a smooth outline. The Blunt yang of the Flamboyant Gamine, unlike Naturals, is better accommodated with boxy shapes than loose and effortless items. Although it’s very important for the FG to mix a boxy piece with a more sleek overall silhouette, to emphasize a vertical break.