Flamboyant Natural

The Flamboyant Natural

Sophie Turner

Chiaki Kuriyama and Michelle Obama

The Flamboyant Natural is a statuesque woman with a blunt undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are: Vertical + Blunt

They have a large physical presence.

The Flamboyant Natural has an athletic and strong look. Her beauty is Amazonian in nature. 

The FNs body is made up of large and elongated, rectangular shapes with rounded edges.

The face of the Flamboyant Natural is made up of the same shapes. Their faces are open with wide mouths and wide set eyes. They have strong cheekbones and jawlines that are softly rounded. They can also have their verticality expressed in their faces, with oblong face shapes, long noses and chins.

Flamboyant Naturals best lines:  The Flamboyant Naturals look their best in long, slightly oversized and effortless silhouettes. They have no need for flounce or details that take away the ease of the silhouette. The FN does best in mid to lightweight fabrics that flow around her body. Also, take into account she needs to honour her long line! Keep fabrics and colours similar to each other to emphasize her.

An FN can wear a lot but just like her sister the Extravagant Natural she needs to be careful with silhouettes that are too stiff or sharp. They will constrict the FN and tighter items need to be combined with looser items.