The Gamine

Zoe Kravitz

Winona Ryder and Lily Collins

The Gamine is a compact woman with some elongation and a sharp undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are: A blend of Sharpness and Delicacy + a mix of Petiteness and Verticality.

They have a small physical presence.

The Gamine is delicate and compact but also edged and powerful. Her juxtaposition of lightness and boldness makes her image slightly alien. Her beauty is interesting, to say the least. 

The G is a mix of small and elongated geometric shapes with sharp edges.

The face of the Gamine also has a mix of small and large shapes. They have larger eyes with smaller bone structure or full lips and narrow eyes, sharp cheekbones and pointed chins. 

Gamine’s best lines: The biggest identifier of the Gamine is her light but contrasted appearance. To make this aspect stand out, and not drown herself in fabric, the G is best to have vertical line breaks in her outfit. This can be accomplished by mixing different colours, textures or add details that break up a smooth outline. The sharpness of the Gamine is best expressed in narrow silhouette’s, crisp details and stiffer fabrics.