Hair for different Essences

I have already talked about hair from the view point of IDs, but you can also style your hair more in line with your Essence! Here are some examples of hairstyles that could fit you well!


Chic women do best with sculptured, sleek and intense hairstyles


When you are Rebellious you can go big and bold, sleek and severe or even bald! As long as it isn’t too “pretty”


For Luxurious women bigger is always better, 80s inspired or full beachy waves do well for this type!


For this type, long and asymmetric works really well, especially in a wavy texture.


For Expressives, it’s less about the hairstyle and more about accessories!


Bohemian women do well with slightly messy hair, long and in carefree up does.


My favourite for Effortless women is hair that is between chin and shoulder-length. Easy in up keep but looks classy!


Medium length in a timeless cut is perfect for a Refined woman.


Long and flowing, preferably with some texture brings out the softness in a Graceful woman.


Long and slightly girly does well with this type, bangs, cute hats and bow clips are also fun to play with!


Long hair or very short hair with a wispy, airy touch is perfect for Celestial women.


Short hair is great on women with a Lively essence! Pixies give that youthful edge that goes so well with this type


Youthful does best with cutesy up does. Braids, space buns, you name it!

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