The Natural

Margot Robbie

Alicia Keys and Rebecca Ferguson

The Natural is an even woman with a strong Blunt undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are: Balance + Blunt

They have a moderate physical presence.

The Natural has a mostly balanced and elegant image, with a robust touch. 

The Natural body is made up of square and rectangular shapes with rounded corners and ovals. 

The face of the Natural mirrors this evenness with the undercurrent of blunt yang. Their faces are balanced with added bluntness from their wide set eyes, wide mouths and broader nose. Or the other way around, square bone structure with even spaced eyes, lips and noses.

Naturals best lines:  The most important thing for the Natural is to honour her inherent balance but unlike the Classic she also has a need for looser lines, that can effortlessly move around her body.  Make sure silhouette’s aren’t too tight, too sleek or too rounded. The Natural can handle some stiffer fabrics, but they need to be in an oversized cut.