Nature based colour palette

Nature based colour palette

For some, the standard way of picking a palette doesn’t really work. Maybe you love any colour in the muted blue-green range, from periwinkle to teal, and that would make a very complicated and BIG palette. For those, there is a different way of creating a colour palette based on nature photography.

This way of creating a palette is perfect for Bohemian, Celestial, Graceful and Seductive Essences, or for anyone who loves nature inspired colours!

How this works is that we think of landscape, a time of day and/or a season, and search for a picture that you feel expresses your style best, colour wise. To test if this particular picture fits you, you place it next to a photo of yourself in a collage app. If you are happy with your choice, you can extract colours from this picture and use those colours in your wardrobe.

It could be you would need two different pictures if you go for this method of creating a colour palette. A darker one for evening and colder months and a lighter one for daytime and warmer months.

You can also do this with other nature inspired photography, like animals or plants, or even with city scapes!


Do take into account when picking out a photo:

  • Your Essence. A Seductive woman would do best with muted and misty photographs while an Expressive woman would do best to look at vivid pictures.
  • Your undertone. For example, if you are golden, look for dessert or autumn images and when you are olive look for images taken in forests or fields. 
  • And when in doubt, compare the picture to your face!

The palettes are a little more flexible, in the first picture any brown colour and any grey colour would work in your palette, for the second one deep blues, black and bright yellows and oranges. You can add some more colours to your closet, but make sure they fit in with your original photo. Also think about adding your harmonious colours together with the colours you see in the photos!