The Romantic

Kate Winslet

Kat Dennings and Kyla Pratt

The Romantic is a full and rounded woman.

Their dominant aspects is: Lushness

They have a small to medium physical presence.

The Romantic is lush, full and womanly. There is nothing delicate about her but there is also no boldness or strong shapes in her body. She is pure softness. Her beauty is a warm and comfortable kind of sensuality.

The Romantic body is made up only of large, rounded shapes. They can have some blunt shapes but it’s very slight. Everything on them is sloped and round.

The face of the Romantic is also full and rounded. Generally speaking they have a round face with slightly broad, rounded noses, full lips and round faces.

Romantic best lines: The Romantic silhouette must be dreamy and flowing, with rounded shapes. She can also wear narrow, draping silhouette’s, as long as the rounded shapes are emphasized.  Everything is soft and rounded with no hard edges or stiffness. A Romantic can wear slightly heavier pieces, but they must have a rounded shape.