Soft Classic

The Soft Classic

Saoirse Ronan

Dakota Johnson and Ana Claudia Talancón

The Soft Classic is an even and balanced woman with some soft and rounded features.

Their dominant aspects are: Balance + a little Lushness

They have a moderate physical presence.

The Soft Classic is mostly balanced and even but her added softness gives her an undeniable charm. 

The SCs body is made up of ovals with some larger, rounded shapes.

The face of the Soft Classic is made up of the same shapes. They have even, oval faces with full lips, soft cheeks and large or rounded eyes. Or a fuller, softer face with even, blanced features 

Soft Classic best lines:  The soft classic first and foremost feature is balance with some need to show her lusher side. Soft, drapey and clingy look beautiful on the SC, but it’s important to still maintain a balanced and clean silhouette. The soft classic is different from her other Classic sisters. She can handle a bit of flounce and detail in her silhouette, do watch out that it doesn’t get too much, the main focus is a balanced silhouette.