Soft Dramatic

The Soft Dramatic

Sofia Vergara

Monica Bellucci and Amber Rose


The Soft Dramatic is a statuesque and voluminous woman with a distinct sharp undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are: Vertical + Sharp + Lush

They have a large physical presence.

The Soft Dramatic has a full and rounded appearance with a bit of an edge. The softness in juxtaposition with the sharpness gives her a striking and sensual image.

The Soft Dramatic body is made up of a mix of large, sharp geometric shapes and large circles. 

The face of Soft Dramatics is made up of the same shapes. Sharp cheekbones, pointed chins, large or sharp and almond shaped eyes and full lips. Some blunt shapes can also be found in the face of the SD, as sharper bones are covered by softness.

Soft Dramatics best lines:  The large shapes from the SDs body should be mirrored in her clothing. Body hugging or waist defining to show off her beautiful, full curves with large, sweeping details to match her statuesque figure but keep details vertical as to not break the long line.  Keep fabrics and colours similar to each other for the same reason.

Silhouette’s look best when they are narrow. The SD can handle some looseness but it most be added unto a narrow silhouette, not stand on its own.  Sharp tailoring is also a detail that looks great on a SD, but just like looseness, it must be accompanied by some flowing lines or drape. Pure D looks tend to look too strict on SDs.