Soft Gamine

The Soft Gamine

Elisabeth Moss

Brenda Song and Reese Witherspoon

The Soft Gamine is a lush, compact woman with a slight blunt yang undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are: Petite + Lush + slight Bluntness

They have a small physical presence.

The Soft Gamine has a high energy image. Soft but compact with a little bluntness that gives her an unexpected strength. This abrupt mix gives her a buoyant and sweet but tough image.

The SG is a mix of small geometric shapes with rounded edges and large rounded shapes.

The face of the Gamine also is fairly blunt, they have wide faces, wide mouths and sometimes wide set eyes and more bluntly shaped noses. Sometimes some sharp yang can trickle through with a sightly pointy chin or nose. The Lush yin manifests itself in full apple cheeks, full lips and large eyes.

Soft Gamine’s best lines: The biggest identifier of the Soft Gamine is her compact appearance. To make this aspect stand out, and not drown herself in fabric, the SG is best to have vertical line breaks in her outfit. This can be accomplished by mixing different colours, textures or add details that break up a smooth outline. High detail looks are especially flattering for the SG.

It’s also important to show case the lush curves of the SG. This is best done with items that are more body hugging and go in at the waist. But, very clingy and drapey looks can overwhelm a Soft Gamine. 

Just like the FG the blunt yang of the SG is best honoured with slightly boxy and stiffer silhouette’s but it’s very important that there is waist emphasis in all her looks.