Soft Natural

The Soft Natural

Tamera Mowry and her husband

Hyoyeon and Britney Spears

The Soft Natural is a lush woman with a blunt undercurrent.

Their dominant aspects are: Lush + Blunt

They have a small to moderate physical presence.

The Soft Natural is romantic in her shapes, but her bluntness gives strength to her beauty. She is not dainty despite her soft appearance. 

The SNs body is made up of square and rectangular shapes with rounded edges and large round circular shapes.

The face of the Soft Natural is made up of the same shapes. Their faces are open with wide mouths, full lips and big and/or wide set eyes. They have strong cheekbones and jawlines that are softly rounded. Their faces can also be round without the blunt bone structure. 

Soft Naturals best lines:  The Soft Natural can wear anything from clingy, draped or loose silhouettes. The most important thing is that there is always an effortless touch to her outfit, things can’t get too sleek or narrow, and that she doesn’t drown out her Lushness with shapeless items.  Show your beautiful curves but don’t constrict yourself!