Staples & Statements, the Blossom way of building a wardrobe

What are staples?

 Staples are your basics. This can mean something different for every person. For people with an Expressive essence a basic item can mean a bright floral dress with a large pattern, for someone with an effortless essence it might mean a basic white T-shirt and a sturdy pair of jeans.

The best way to find out your perfect staples is to ask yourself what you wear on a daily basis. Maybe those are soft sweaters, navy dress pants or gold hoop earrings. It’s also important that these items flatter your body lines, so if you are in the Natural group it’s best to not have staples there are too constrictive. Same for Romantics and stiff items, Gamine’s and long flowing items, Dramatics with short and overly detailed items etc.

It’s also a good idea to have shoes along your staples. We women tend to buy all the cute shoes but then don’t have any basic footwear. A pair that is comfortable to walk in, a pair of cute but simple flats for summer and ankle boots for winter, and maybe a more formal shoe that are in a neutral colour.

What are statements?

Statement pieces are where we can have fun! These are things that bring interesting colours and textures to our wardrobe that we might not wear every day but spices up an outfit. This can also be something very different from very people, what is a statement for a Refined person might be a staple for a Luxurious person.

Statements can be: Velvet blazers, blouses with puffed sleeves, big jewellery, items with bold prints, glitter tops, thigh high boots, stiletto heels, bold clutches etc. 

You also have to take less into account your harmonious lines when it comes to statement pieces, especially for things like blazers or other things you can layer. These items are supposed to pack a punch so if they don’t completely match your body lines that’s totally fine!

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