Step 1: finding your Image ID

Step 1: finding your Image ID

Figuring out your Image ID can be a very daunting task. There are a huge number of IDs and figuring out which one you are from scratch is just really hard. So, to make your journey as easy as possible this is a very basic guide on how to figure out where you belong!

Do you have a small, moderate or large physical presence?

This has something to do with actual size but it’s a little more abstract. Would you (or others) describe yourself as small, petite, willowy or fragile? Then you are most likely someone with a small physical presence. If you are more often described as strong, statuesque, full-figured or robust, you probably have a large physical presence. If neither of these resonate, you are probably moderate in physical presence.

I do want to say that size does play a part. If you are tall you are not going to have a small physical presence. But you can have a moderate physical presence!

What shapes are inherent in your body?

This is the absolute basis  of the Image ID is the shapes that you find in your body. To figure this out, I created an excersise called the shape drawing.

You can learn more about the different shapes here

And here you can see how to do the shape drawing!

What shapes are inherent in your face?

The face is very important to the Blossom System. The difference between an N and FG, for example, can sometimes purely be the facial characteristics!

The face shape excersise is also explained here.

What is your ID family?

To make your search a little easier you can first figure out what ID family you are in. Especially if you know your inherent shapes from the previous steps! If you are sure of your Family you can read through the IDs that are part of the Family to make the choice less overwhelming.

Are your face and body made up of small circles, ovals, small triangles and generally even and soft shapes?

You can look into the Delicate Family.

Are your face and body made up of large circles, big ovals and do you have a generally full and lush image?

You can look into the Extravagant Family.

Are your face and body made up of large squares, rectangles and triangles whether blunt or pointed and do you have a generally strong frame?

You can look into the Flamboyant Family. 

Now you can look at which ID has most in common with your physical presence and the shapes in your body! 

Now, you should be able to get an idea of your Image Identity with these steps! It might take a little while but even just knowing your family can help you dress better.