Step 2: trying out your Image ID

Step 2: trying out your Image ID

Once you’ve found one (or maybe two or three) IDs that you think fits you best, it’s time to try them out! You can do this in two different ways:

1. The perfect outfit

Collect a one or two outfits that are as close to the perfect outfit for that ID that you can find and try those out, see how it feels and looks. Do these outfits make you shine more?

2. Getting acclimated

Get a few pieces and create general silhouettes combining them with clothing you already own fitting the ID. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a 100% perfect. Just try to get the general feel of the ID down. Wear the outfits out in the real world, to work, hanging out with friends and running errands. How does it feel wearing those outfits day to day?

Both options have their upside and downside. Option 1 might be a big departure from how you dress currently, and they might be outfits that don’t really represent your inside, you’ll have to look past that. So, you have to be quite objective about whether they are making you shine or it dims your natural beauty, strictly looking at silhouette and fabric choice. This big instant transformation can be very enlightening or very confusing.

Option 2 is a softer approach, just adding a little bit of your suspected ID into your current wardrobe. I think this is the best option for most people, but it will take a few weeks to come to the conclusion whether an ID fits you or not.

To get some ideas to create your perfect outfits or add to your daily wear, these are a collection staples for the IDs. This doesn’t mean they are the only items you can wear!


Delicate Romantic

Theatrical Romantic

Soft Gamine


Flamboyant Gamine

Theatrical Classic

Soft Classic 


Dramatic Classic

Soft Natural


Flamboyant Natural

Extravagant Natural

Soft Dramatic

Delicate Dramatic