The Chic Essence explained


Sleek, ambitious and slightly intimidating. The Chic woman knows what she wants and is set on her goals. Her energy is slightly cool and distant, but she has a subdued sexiness about her.


  • Composed
  • Slow movements 
  • Not a lot of hand talking

Speaking voice

  • Sharp and staccato
  • Can be quite low
  • Not a lot of inflection, quite monotone


  • Cool headed
  • Sharp witted
  • Ambitious

Styling preferences

  • They LOVE business casual
  • They like to go slightly avant-garde
  • They also have a tendency for minimalism, especially with accessories

Chic Essence in cinema: Miranda Priestly, Rachel Menken and Mrs. Robinson.

The regular Chic woman

Clean and sleek

The alternative Chic woman:

The Avant-Garde

Modern and alternative