The Classic compared to other IDs

Classic vs Theatrical Classic

Comparing one Classic to another can be quite hard. The best way to go with these two is to look at the face. Theatrical Classics have smaller and sharper facial features compared to the pure Classic. 


Classic vs Soft Classic

The Soft and pure Classic can look A LOT like each other, especially shape wise. For these two I recommend to look at the faces. Do you have very full lips, big eyes and other lush features? Then Soft Classic might be a better fit than Classic


Classic vs Dramatic Classic

The Dramatic Classic is easier to differentiate from the pure Classic, but you might need to do the shape drawing, as the differences are very subdued. If there are any sharper, geometric shapes you won’t be a pure Classic and DC would be a better fit.


Natural vs Classic

Both are very even and balanced and can have a very similar energy. For these two it’s handy to do the line drawing. Is everything quite soft and rounded, with ovals and softened geometric shapes? Then you would be a Classic. Are the shapes quite strong and aren’t there much rounded shapes? Then Natural would be the way to go!


Classic vs Delicate Dramatic

These two can also look VERY similar at first sight. The biggest difference is elongation, the Delicate Dramatic will have a very apparent vertical line and the classic doesn’t really appear long. 

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