The Delicate Dramatic compared to other IDs

Delicate Dramatic vs Delicate Romantic

The only real difference between these two is elongation. The Delicate Dramatic appears taller and has slightly more significant shapes than the Delicate Romantic.


Delicate Dramatic vs Gamine 

At first glance these can look very similar but looking deeper there are some obvious differences. One is that the Gamine lacks almost any rounded shapes and doesn’t have the elongation of the Delicate Dramatic.  So, if there are obvious circles in your body, you won’t be a Flamboyant Gamine.


Delicate Dramatic vs Classic

These two can also look VERY similar at first sight. The biggest difference is elongation, the Delicate Dramatic will have a very apparent vertical line and the classic doesn’t really appear long. 


Delicate Dramatic vs Soft Dramatic

In theory these two are very similar, both are elongated and rounded but their shapes are completely different. The Soft Dramatic is sharp and lush while the Delicate Dramatic is delicate and muted. If you have any large shapes in your body, you would be a SD.


Delicate Dramatic vs Dramatic

These two are very diiferent, both in eneregy and in shape. The Dramati is completly sharpened while the Delicate Dramatic is completly rounded. If you doubt between these two, the shape drawing can really give you a concrete answer!

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