The Delicate Family

They have an inherent smallness that is often perceived as elegance. They are often compared to ballerina’s and fairytale princesses or with fairies, elves and other mythological creatures. Their image makes people’s imagination run wild. 

Women in the Delicate Family are sometimes seen as younger than they are. This can embody itself as a childlike and cute image, or a more ageless and sophisticated one.

Although their image is quite interesting they don’t have much boldness. Their look is mostly muted and mellow. Even the Gamine, who is famous for her need of mixing different fabrics and colours, has an image that is subdued when you compare her to the Soft and Flamboyant Gamines.

The differences

As we explained above, the inherent youthful quality of Delicacy can be expressed in different ways. Some Delicate ladies might be seen as girly and chirpy while others are seen as sophisticated and timeless. 

Another big difference is size. Even though the small circular and oval shapes are a must this doesn’t mean that everyone in the Delicate Family has to be extremely tiny looking. The Delicate Dramatic, Classic and Soft Classic can have a bigger energy. For the one that is expressed in elongation and in the others for the slightly larger, oval shapes. 

Do you feel that the characteristics of the Delicate Family fit you well and do you have a body that’s mostly made up of small circular and oval shapes? Then you might be one of these IDs!


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