The Delicate Romantic compared to other IDs

Delicate Romantic vs Romantic

Both are rounded types but the Romantic has a larger physical presence than the Delicate Romantic. Her body is slightly wider, her hips larger and facial features are also often a lot bigger. Delicate Dramatics have small and subdued features while the Romantic has full and lush features.


Delicate Romantic vs Theatrical Romantic

The Delicate and Theatrical Romantic are two of the smallest IDs out there. Both have a small physical presence but that is where the similarities end. The Theatrical Romantic has obvious large circular shapes which is something the Delicate Romantic does not have. This is especially apparent in the facial features. 


Delicate Romantic vs Gamine

For me, these are a pair that are extremely similar. The both have an otherworldly vibe and a small and wispy appearance. The biggest difference between these two are sharp shapes. The Gamine has obvious Sharpness where the Delicate Romantic is completely rounded.


Delicate Romantic vs Theatrical Classic

These two are quite different. The Theatrical classic is made of the soft, geometric shapes of the Classic with some small sharp shapes mixed in. The Delicate Romantic is almost completely made up of circles.


Delicate Romantic vs Delicate Dramatic

The only real difference between these two is elongation. The Delicate Dramatic appears taller and has slightly more significant shapes than the Delicate Romantic.

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