The Dramatic Classic compared to other IDs

Dramatic Classic vs Flamboyant Gamine

People say there is a thin line between these IDs, but I personally don’t see it. The Dramatic Classic is (slightly) sharp while the Flamboyant Gamine is completely blunt. Another way to differentiate these two, if you are doubting which way to go, is to look at physical presence. DCs feel a little bigger than the FG. 


Dramatic Classic vs Theatrical Classic

These two are very similar, both have prominent facial bones and slight sharpness in their overall image. The biggest difference is physical presence. The Theatrical Classic is small and dainty while the Dramatic Classic has a more strong presence.


Dramatic Classic vs Soft Classic

These two are slightly easier tot tell apart. The shapes are subtly different but quite clear when you draw them out. If there are any sharper shapes, you are a DC. If you are completely rounded, SC is a better fit.


Dramatic Classic vs Classic

The Classic is also relatively easy to differentiate from the Dramatic Classic, but you might need to do the shape drawing, as the differences are very subdued. If there are any sharper, geometric shapes you won’t be a pure Classic and DC would be a better fit.


Dramatic Classic vs Natural

I think these two are very similar at first sight, the real difference between them is bluntness and sharpness. Again, if you are doubting between these two the shape drawing will probably help out.  


Dramatic Classic vs Flamboyant Natural

Also a pair that is similar in energy. Flamboyant Naturals can have a very muted image, which does make some doubt they are a Dramatic Classic. But, if you go purely by shapes they are very different. Do you have blunt shapes? Then you are most likely a FN.


Dramatic Classic vs Dramatic

Even though they are almost the same in name, in image they are quite different. Dramatics are all sharp, there is nothing even or muted about them, while DCs are mostly even with a hint of sharpness.

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