The Dramatic compared to other IDs

Dramatic vs Gamine

The only real difference between these two is elongation. The Dramatic appears taller and has slightly more significant shapes than the Gamine.


Dramatic vs Dramatic Classic 

Even though they are almost the same in name, in image they are quite different. Dramatics are all sharp, there is nothing even or muted about them, while DCs are mostly even with a hint of sharpness.


Dramatic vs Flamboyant Natural

These two have a lot in common, both are made up of strong shapes and have a very elongated image. If you are stuck between these two, the shape drawing is the easiest way to find your type. Ds are completely sharp while FNs are completely blunt.


Dramatic vs Soft Dramatic

I think people doubt between these if they are unsure if they are lush enough for SD. The solution to this is doing the shape drawing. If your image is based on lush, round shapes, SD would be a better fit. 


Dramatic vs Delicate Dramatic

These two are very different, both in energy and in shape. The Dramatic is completely sharpened while the Delicate Dramatic is completely rounded. If you doubt between these two, the shape drawing can really give you a concrete answer!

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