The Essences

The Essences

An essence is a combination of your personal tastes, your personality and temperament. Essence is an energy you give of, it’s best to dress with this energy and not to go against it.

If you are Chic on the inside, why not be Chic on the outside?


The Chic woman is sophisticated and ambitious. She sees no reason to ever not look put together. Her beauty is best expressed in pencil skirts and crisp blouses. Read more here!


A Rebellious woman needs to break rules. She has a fondness of avant-garde, alternative fashion and don’t care too much about ‘dressing for your lines’. Extra points if she only wears black. Read more here!


A Luxurious woman loves opulence. She sleeps in silk, wears velvet to work and always has perfect hair, glamorous make-up and is dripping in bling. Extravagance with an edge. Read more here!


The Seductive woman is shrouded in a cloud of mystery. Dark lace, red lips and red heels are her statement pieces. She is magnetic and quiet, and doesn’t mind showing some skin. Read more here! 


The Expressive woman is an artist at heart. She loves mixing colours, textures and she isn’t scared to wear several different statement pieces. Her love for colour pulls through to her face, nails and hair. Read more here!


The Bohemian woman is a free spirit and wild child. Whether she is a beach bum or a forest dweller, the outdoors is where she feels at home. She has a love for colours, interesting prints and soft fabric. For her being comfortable is the most important thing but not without being stylish. Read more here!


The Effortless woman’s first and foremost priority is comfort. She is a pure, natural beauty and this beauty is squished by frills and unnecessary bling. She loves fabrics that feel comfortable and neutral items that are easy to throw on. This does not mean she is allergic to colour! Read more here!


The Refined woman always looks put together but not overdone. She has a Parisian vibe, classic but simplistic. Her looks are simple, but elevated with sophisticated detail. Practicality is just as important to her as looking good. Read more here!


The Graceful woman has an innate sweetness to her. She is the one who organizes the best afternoon teas and is a born hostess. She has a love for soft and subdued details, light colours and chiffon skirts. Read more here!


The Enchanting woman has a love for pearls, glitter and extravagant details. She is a modern day princess and she is not ashamed of that fact. Read more here!


The Celestial woman has an otherworldly and ageless energy. She is soft, quiet and mysterious. She looks most herself in sheer fabrics, light colours and period inspired pieces. Read more here!


The Lively woman has an extreme positive energy. She loves dynamic patterns, bright colours and interesting prints. Her style is bright and fun. Read more here!


The Youthful woman is secretly a child at heart. She loves bows, laced socks and soft and girly colours. She has an innate enthusiasm and adorable appearance. Read more here!