The Extravagant Family

They are full-figured and glamorous with bodies that are made up of large round shapes. They have an inherent sensuality that comes across in the shape of their image. Their beauty is almost instinctively feminine. Their image is the same as love and fertility goddesses from around the world. From the modern depiction of Aphrodite to the 25.000-year-old Venus of Willendorf. 

Women in the Extravagant Family are often associated with this image and their energy is mostly associated with the energy of mother or love goddesses.  They are seen as sensual and soft, but can also be seen as warm and motherly or mysterious and seductive in energy. 

What they do have in common is a need for some form of glamour. This is different for all IDs, but a touch of glitz and glam is something that sings with their image.

The differences

As you can see, within this family, the energy of Extravagant women can vary greatly. Some have a heavy and intense energy, like the Soft Dramatic and Theatrical Romantic, while others have a much lighter energy, like the Soft Natural and Romantic. This is mostly due to the other aspects that are apparent in the body, Sharpness adds some coolness and edge to the energy and Bluntness adds an air of strength to the body and friendliness to the energy. This difference in energy makes the Extravagant group quite varied! 

Do you feel that the characteristics of the Extravagant Family fit you well and do you have a body that’s mostly made up of large, lush circular shapes? Then you might be these IDs!

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