The Extravagant Natural compared to other IDs

Extravagant Natural vs Soft Natural

These two are very similar both are blunt and lush. The biggest difference is that the Extravagant Natural is that she has a larger feel and much more elongation. So, if you feel you are more moderate you would be a SN, if you are larger En would be a better fit!


Extravagant Natural vs Flamboyant Natural

I think most people are doubting between these two because they are not sure if they are Lush enough for the Extravagant Natural. The best way to find this out is to do the shape drawing and see if you have rounded shapes, FNs barely have any rounded shapes. If they are a big part of your overall image EN would probably be a better fit. You can also see if that Lushness is apparent in your face, if you have very full facial features, EN would also be a better fit.


Extravagant Natural vs Soft Dramatic

These two are extremely similar, both are mix of strong and lush shapes, both are elongated and both have a large physical presence I think for these two the easiest way to discern them is to look at the facial bones. Is your face wider, with a wide mouth and slightly broad nose? Than EN would be your ID. Are your facial bones very sharp, with high cheekbones, pointed chin and maybe sharp eyes and pointed nose? You would be an SD. 

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