The Flamboyant Family

They have an inherent strength. Their shapes are large and robust. They have a strong beauty that gives them a modern and intense feel. Their beauty can be compared to Amazonians or Shield Maidens. 

The strength of their shapes also gives a strength to their energy. They come across as bold and fearless. They get taken serious by people and can have a sophisticated energy or be more rugged and wild.

The differences

Apart from this inherent strength, their energy is quite different. The Naturals in this group would have a mellow and friendly energy together with this strength, the Dramatic and Dramatic Classic would be a little cooler and the Flamboyant Gamine has a more lively energy.

Do you feel that the characteristics of the Flamboyant Family fit you well and do you have a body that’s mostly made up of large, geometric shapes? Then you might be one of these IDs!

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