The Flamboyant Gamine compared to other IDs

Flamboyant Gamine vs Soft Gamine 

The Soft and Flamboyant Gamine are very close to each other, both are compact and blunt. Especially their facial features can be very similar. The biggest difference is round shapes. The Soft Gamine is mainly made up of lush shapes with a hint of bluntness where the Flamboyant Gamine has no round shapes and is primarily blunt. 


Flamboyant Gamine vs Gamine 

The difference between these sisters is subtle but clear: one is sharp and one is blunt. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference with the naked eye, so I advise to really do the shape drawing if you are stuck between these two.


Flamboyant Gamine vs Dramatic Classic

People say there is a thin line between these IDs, but I personally don’t see it. The Dramatic Classic is (slightly) sharp while the Flamboyant Gamine is completely blunt. Another way to differentiate these two, if you are doubting which way to go, is to look at physical presence. DCs feel a little bigger than the FG. 


Flamboyant Gamine vs Soft Natural

Another pair where people feel that the two are very similar but I personally don’t see how. Flamboyant Gamine’s just don’t have the roundness of the Soft Natural. Do you have any significant lushness in your body? Then you probably aren’t a FG.


Flamboyant Gamine vs Natural

These two actually ARE very similar! Both are made mainly of blunt, geometric shapes. So, purely shape wise, it’s hard to tell them apart (except for the mix of elongation and compactness of the FG, which is quite hard to tell sometimes). With these two it’s best to look at facial features. Either balanced and even for Ns or contrasting for FGs.


Flamboyant Gamine vs Flamboyant Natural

Flamboyant Naturals are basically the larger version of the Flamboyant Gamines. The biggest difference is physical presence and that FNs have complete elongation, instead of only partial like the FG.

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