The Gamine compared to other IDs

Gamine vs Delicate Romantic 

For me, these are a pair that are extremely similar. Both have an otherworldly vibe and a small and wispy appearance. The biggest difference between these two are sharp shapes. The Gamine has obvious Sharpness where the Delicate Romantic is completely rounded.


Gamine vs Flamboyant Gamine

The difference between these sisters is subtle but clear: one is sharp and one is blunt. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference so I advice to really do the shape drawing if you are stuck between these two.


Gamine vs Classic 

The Gamine and Classic might seem like polar opposites but they can have quite a similar vibe. The biggest difference is sharpness. Classics don’t have obvious sharpness, which is an easy disqualifier. If you doubt between these two you can also look at physical presence. The Gamine is VERY small. If you don’t see yourself as someone petite, Classic would be a better fit.


Gamine vs Theatrical Classic 

These two are quite close together, both have a small sharpness but apart from these small shape the Theatrical Classic also has some oval shapes sprinkled in. The Gamine doesn’t have any rounded shapes, she is all geometric.


Gamine vs Delicate Dramatic 

At first glance these can look very similar but looking deeper there are some obvious differences. One is that the Gamine lacks almost any rounded shapes and doesn’t have the elongation of the Delicate Dramatic.  So, if there are obvious circles in your body, you won’t be a Gamine.


Gamine vs Dramatic 

The Gamine can be seen as a smaller Dramatic. Everything in the Gamine is scaled up in the Dramatic’s body. Small sharp shapes vs big sharp shapes and elongation vs compactness. The biggest difference is physical presence, the Dramatic is quite large in feel but the Gamine is one of the smallest IDs out there.

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