The Romantic compared to other IDs

I compared the Romantic to other IDs that have a small to moderate stature. Do you have elongation or a bigger physical presence? Take a look at Soft Dramatic and Extravagant Natural.

Romantic vs Delicate Romantic

Both are rounded types but the Romantic has a larger physical presence than the Delicate Romantic. Her body is slightly wider, her hips larger facial features are also often a lot bigger. Delicate Dramatics have small and subdued features while the Romantic has full and lush features.


Romantic vs Theatrical Romantic

The Romantic and Theatrical Romantic are very similar. It can be really hard to distinguish between the two, especially in the body. A good pointer is, if you have obvious sharp bone structure in your face you are most like a Theatrical Romantic. Also body shapes ca help. The Theatrical Romantic will have some small rectangular and triangular shapes in her body, these won’t exist in the Romantics body.


Romantic vs Soft Gamine

This is another pair that is VERY close together. Both Romantics and Soft Gamine’s have loads of lushness, a more substantial silhouette and full facial features.

The biggest difference is Bluntness. The Soft Gamine is obviously blunt, especially in her facial features. Her bone structure is much stronger than the Romantic. Another thing to look out for is Petiteness. If the shapes in your body are obviously compact, that is a big pointer to Soft Gamine.


Romantic vs Soft Classic

This is a pair that is easier to tell apart. Especially if you take the time to draw out the shapes in your body. The Soft Classic does have rounded shapes but there is also some more soft geometric shapes mixed in. The Romantic will only have rounded shapes apparent in her body.


Romantic vs Soft Natural

This pair looks the same but mostly because they have a very similar vibe. Just like with the Soft Classic, the best test is to draw out the shapes in your body. Are there large geometric shapes? This is something that you won’t find in a Romantic.


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