The Soft Classic compared to other IDs

Soft Classic vs Romantic

This is a pair that is quite easy to tell apart. Especially if you take the time to draw out the shapes in your body. The Soft Classic does have rounded shapes but there is also some more soft geometric shapes mixed in. The Romantic will only have rounded shapes apparent in her body.


Soft Classic vs Soft Gamine

These two are worlds apart but I do see some people who do have doubts whether they are one or the other. The only thing they have in common is rounded shapes… Do you have bluntness or compact shapes in your body? Then you are SG. Do you have oval and soft geometric shapes in your body? Then you are SC.


Soft Classic vs Classic

Comparing Classics is always hard, especially the Soft and pure Classic can look A LOT like each other. For these two I recommend to look at the faces. Do you have very full lips, big eyes and other lush features? Then Soft Classic might be a better fit than Classic


Soft Classic vs Dramatic Classic

These two are slightly easier tot tell apart. The shapes are subtly different but quite clear when you draw them out. If there are any sharper shapes, you are a DC. If you are completely rounded, SC is a better fit.


Soft Classic vs Soft Natural

A lot of people get stuck between these two and at a first glance they can have a similar feel. But if you focus purely on the shapes in your body they are quite different from each other. If there are any blunt shapes, you are a SN. That’s the quickest way to tell these two apart. You can also look at facial feautures, SNs have stronger bone structure than SCs.

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