The Soft Dramatic compared to other IDs

Soft Dramatic vs Theatrical Romantic

Soft Dramatics are always seen as a sized up Theatrical Romantic, and that is pretty much true… TRs are petite with small sharpness where SDs are elongated with large sharp shapes. The main difference is physical presence, and not much more.


Soft Dramatic vs Soft Natural 

In theory these types are quite similar. Both have a strong frame with lushness on top, but in practice they have a very different feel. These two are easily differentiated with the shape drawing, as SD has sharpness and SN has bluntness.


Soft Dramatic vs Extravagant Natural

These two are extremely similar, both are mix of strong and lush shapes, both are elongated and both have a large physical presence I think for these two the easiest way to discern them is to look at the facial bones. Is your face wider, with a wide mouth and slightly broad nose? Than EN would be your ID. Are your facial bones very sharp, with high cheekbones, pointed chin and maybe sharp eyes and pointed nose? You would be an SD. 


Soft Dramatic vs Delicate Dramatic

In theory these two are very similar, both are elongated and rounded but their shapes are completely different. The Soft Dramatic is sharp and lush while the Delicate Dramatic is delicate and muted. If you have any large shapes in your body, you would be a SD.


Soft Dramatic vs Dramatic

I think people doubt between these if they are unsure if they are lush enough for SD. The solution to this is doing the shape drawing. If your image is based on lush, round shapes, SD would be a better fit. 

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