The Soft Gamine compared to other IDs

Soft Gamine vs Romantic 

This is a pair that is VERY close together. Both Romantics and Soft Gamine’s have loads of lushness, a more substantial silhouette and full facial features.

The biggest difference is Bluntness. The Soft Gamine is obviously blunt, especially in her facial features. Her bone structure is much stronger than the Romantic. Another thing to look out for is Petiteness. If the shapes in your body are obviously compact, that is a big pointer to Soft Gamine.


Soft Gamine vs Theatrical Romantic 

Another two types that are often confused but have drastically different shapes. Both are small and lush but the SG has no sharpness anywhere while the TR is very sharp.


Soft Gamine vs Flamboyant Gamine

The Soft and Flamboyant Gamine are very close to each other, both are compact and blunt. Especially their facial features can be very similar. The biggest difference is round shapes. The Soft Gamine is mainly made up of lush shapes with a hint of bluntness where the Flamboyant Gamine has no round shapes and is primarily blunt. 


Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

These two are worlds apart but I do see some people who do have doubts whether they are one or the other. The only thing they have in common is rounded shapes… Do you have bluntness or compact shapes in your body? Then you are SG. Do you have oval and soft geometric shapes in your body? Then you are SC.


Soft Gamine vs Soft Natural

These two are actually VERY similar when it comes to shapes, so that won’t help with separating them. It’s better to look at the general energy with these two. SNs have a more even image than the SG. If you feel like your shapes and facial features are very contrasting to each other, you are most likely a SG.

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