The Soft Natural compared to other IDs

Soft Natural vs Romantic

This pair looks the same but mostly because they have a very similar vibe. Just like with the Soft Classic, the best test is to draw out the shapes in your body. Are there large geometric shapes? This is something that you won’t find in a Romantic.


Soft Natural vs Soft Gamine

These two are actually VERY similar when it comes to shapes, so that won’t help with separating them. It’s better to look at the general energy with these two. SNs have a more even image than the SG. If you feel like your shapes and facial features are very contrasting to each other, you are most likely a SG.


Soft Natural vs Soft Classic

A lot of people get stuck between these two and at a first glance they can have a similar feel. But if you focus purely on the shapes in your body they are quite different from each other. If there are any blunt shapes, you are a SN. That’s the quickest way to tell these two apart. You can also look at facial feautures, SNs have stronger bone structure than SCs.


Soft Natural vs Natural

This might be an easily confused pair, not knowing whether you are lush enough for SN or balanced enough for N. A good way to find out is the shape drawing, are you mostly made up of blunt shapes or are there some circles sprinkled in?


Soft Natural vs Extravagant Natural

These two are very similar both are blunt and lush. The biggest difference is that the Extravagant Natural is that she has a larger feel and much more elongation. So, if you feel you are more moderate you would be a SN, if you are larger En would be a better fit!


Soft Natural vs Soft Dramatic

In theory these types are quite similar. Both have a strong frame with lushness on top, but in practice they have a very different feel. These two are easily differentiated with the shape drawing, as SD has sharpness and SN has bluntness.

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