The Theatrical Classic compared to other IDs

Delicate Romantic vs Theatrical Classic

These two are quite different. The Theatrical classic is made of the soft, geometric shapes of the Classic with some small sharp shapes mixed in. The Delicate Romantic is almost completely made up of circles.


Theatrical Classic vs Theatrical Romantic

The difference between this pair is subtle. Both have quite a few of small sharp shapes in their body but one is mostly balanced and the other is mostly rounded. Facial features are also good to look at, the Theatrical Romantic has a much lusher face with larger eyes and fuller lips.


Theatrical Classic vs Gamine

These two are quite close together, both have a small sharpness but apart from these small shape the Theatrical Classic also has some oval shapes sprinkled in. The Gamine doesn’t have any rounded shapes, she is all geometric.


Theatrical Classic vs Classic

Comparing one Classic to another can be quite hard. The best way to go with these two is to look at the face. Theatrical Classics have smaller and sharper facial features compared to the pure Classic. 


Theatrical Classic vs Dramatic Classic

These two are very similar, both have prominent facial bones and slight sharpness in their overall image. The biggest difference is physical presence. The Theatrical Classic is small and dainty while the Dramatic Classic has a more strong presence.

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