Theatrical Classic

The Thearical Classic

Natalie Portman

Jessica Chastain and Gemma Chan

The Theatrical Classic is a Balanced woman with a small sharp undercurrent

Their dominant aspects are: Balance + a blend of Sharpness and Delicacy

They have a small to moderate physical presence.

The Theatrical Classic is a Classic first and foremost, but she has a light and sprightly energy.

The TCs body is made up of a mix of oval shapes and small, sharp geometric shapes.

The face of the Theatrical Classic is often quite sharp but still has balance in the proportions of the face. They most likely have small, sharp bone structure, with even, sometimes slightly smaller or sharper features.

Theatrical Classic best lines: Just like all other Classics, the most important thing is to keep the balance. Silhouettes must be even and not have overt detail that break the balance. Narrow but compact silhouette’s are beautiful on them. Even though they have delicacy, it’s intertwined with the sharpness. Very soft, flowing fabrics are therefore something to use sparingly. To add the small Sharpness, keep things formfitting and stiff but small, not elongated.