Theatrical Romantic

The Theatrical Romantic

Salma Hayek

Megan Fox and Jennifer Love Hewitt

The Theatrical Romantic is a lush woman with a small sharp undercurrent

Their dominant aspects are: Lushness + a mix of Delicacy and Sharpness

They have a small physical presence.

The Theatrical Romantic is delicate, small but lush in her shapes. The mix of small sharpness and her rounded shapes give her an image that is romantic but with an edge. Not just soft and sweet.

The TRs body is made up of a mix of large round shapes and small, sharp geometric shapes.

The face of the Theatrical Classic is often quite sharp. They have strong bone structure with high cheekbones and sharp jaw lines. The lush yin mostly comes in at the small details, full lips, larger eyes and soft cheeks. Some TRs lean more sharp while others lean more lush i their facial features. 

Theatrical Romantic best lines: Theatrical Romantics most obvious aspect is their Lush yin, this means that soft, flowing and clinging outfits look amazing on them. Their delicate Sharpness adds a need for a more form fitting silhouette’s. 

A TR can also look really amazing wearing more sharp and stiff pieces, if they are cut in a way that still honours her natural curves. 

TRs also need to be careful that silhouette’s don’t overpower her. Overly wide, shapeless, heavy or even too lushly rounded looks take away from her petite, sharpened beauty.