What to send?

For the typing document

To create your typing document I need you to fill out a little questionnaire and send me a few photos.



1. What styles or aesthetics do you really love?

2. Do you have anyone who is a style inspiration to you? Who is it?

3. Do you feel drawn to a particular essence? Why? (From the essence page on the website)

4. What are your goals in life for the short term? How about the long term?

5. What does your day to day live look like?

6. How do you want to come across?

If you can answer the questions in a short video that would be very helpful in typing you!


Photos I need:

A photo from the front in a neutral pose in form fitting clothing. Preferably a black t-shirt or top and black leggings in front of a white background. Let someone take this photo or use a tripod from a good distance at chest height.

A photo of your face from the front with a neutral expression and without any make-up. If you take a selfie, take the picture with your arms stretched out.

A few of your favourite photos of yourself. These can be selfies, candid photos, from photo shoots. Any photos you like!


A few photos of your favourite outfits.

If you send these I will start working on your document ASAP! Generally it takes around a week for me to finish this.

For the colour analysis

For the colour analysis I need a picture of you in daylight, without the sun shining on you. So, in indirect sunlight. Take the picture with a white piece of printer paper near your face, this way I can white balance the photo for the most accurate results! 

Also add a picture where your eye colour is easy to see, if it isn’t very clear in the photo above.